Спиннинги - Favorite Zander

Спиннинги - Favorite Zander


Zander is not just another series of rods, it is empowering jig spinning tackle, which was lacking many anglers. The combination of a strong, rigid and clear form with glued solid graphite top make the rod really versatile, it is able to perfectly control wiring light lures with no difficulty throwing the heavy, replacing the at least two rods. But there are problems that the tworods of different test range will not solve. A vivid example – fishing with large soft lures with a light ogruzka. This bait itself weighs more than 10 grams, add crown out to 5 grams... a Light rod can't handle the casting of this design, which is also pretty parasit will not pick up on a large fish hook, and more severe will not allow you to control the transaction, especially if the bottom is silty. Zander will perfectly cope with this task. In addition, Zander makes it easy to bring large fish when fishing among the thickets of aquatic plants. The rod blank made of high modulus graphite and is light, stiffness and high sensitivity. The design of the Tulip, due to the shape of the supports prevents the formation of tie-ins, the front part of the handle made of graphite enhances tactile sensitivity. Rod Zander is a great choice for fishing with jig baits walleye, pike and perch, they can successfully catch on small crankbaits, turntables and kolebalki – here hypersensitivity is also useful

Favorite Zander ZRS 902 M 274 cm max 32 gr

Favorite Zander ZRS 902 H 274 cm max 60 gr

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