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HMKL (Ash Em Ka El) are lures from the domestic Japanese market. HMKL wobblers are manufactured at Jackall Bros. production facilities. Wobblers of HMKL are the true verified Japanese quality. The name of the Japanese creator is encrypted in the name of the HMKL brand.

Mr. Kazuma Izumi started producing fishing lures when he was still at university. Apparently, he was the first in the world to manufacture the most realistic wooden mino wobblers with aluminum tips. He tells why he started making these lures: “It was a bad day for fishing. I tried to catch a perch, tried different types of lures, but I didn’t catch anything. I became bored and I changed the bait to Rapala, which I picked up on the lake. And imagine starting to peck! I was shocked and realized the full force of the realism of the wobbler. So if I could make more realistic baits than Rapala ... So I started making HMKL baits. ”

Kazuma named his bait HMKL - Hand Made Kazuma Lures. Currently, Kazuma has opened his own store in Tokyo and manufactures HMKL (HMKL) plastic baits.

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